If you’re reading this page, chances are that you’re either terribly lost, made some poor life choices, or you simply know us in the real world.

But on the offchance that you’re here because you too like board games and beer, welcome!

Boards and Booze is designed to show off games in their best light: being played. (And beer in what we think is its best environment, which is being drunk. By us.)

Sometimes you want nothing more than to see a game spilling its cardboard goodness across the table and hear about how a game unfolds. That’s what we’re here for – along with the odd review (and other ramblings).

Who are we?

Boards and Booze is the work of three friends whose passion for gaming is matched only by their thirst.

We wanted to shout about our enjoyment of those things from a mountain, but we didn’t have a mountain. We had a website. And a camera. And a table that sometimes feels too small.

Matthew is a professional photographer.

Gateway drugs: Warhammer 40k / Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Current obsessions: Kingdom Death: Monster / Pressure Drop Bosko

Guy is an editor and writer.

Gateway drugs: Heroquest / Lagunitas IPA

Current obsessions: GloomhavenNorthern Monk Patrons Project 4.03 DDH Double Mango Lassi IPA

Chris is a professional project manager and an amateur fiction writer.

Gateway drugs: Call of Cthulhu RPG / Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Summer Ale

Current obsessions: Dark Souls: The Card Game / Siren x Sante Adairius Santo del Frio

See our past obsessions here.

The fact that no drinks are allowed on the gaming table is an irony not lost on anyone.